Welcome to Jaipur ENT Hospital

Our’s is a top-rated ENT Specialist Hospital in Jaipur, we are also the best ent hospital in sanganer where the best ENT doctors in India practice and research in the aim of delivering the finest treatment to our patients.Today’s scientific discoveries are tomorrow’s treatment and Jaipur ENT Hospital has been a global pioneer.

Top-rated ENT Specialist Hospital in Jaipur

“The dedicated service bearing a humane touch and the determined approach for the successful outcomes was always a priority for the management, to pioneer the latest therapeutic technology is the core reason for our professional success.”

- Dr. Rakesh Singh Meena

Our accomplishments in pioneering one of the finest, contemporary and globally acknowledged medical treatments for ear, nose and throat disorders dates back to 1972, with the founding of Jaipur ENT Hospital and Research Institute. We have a solid experience of more than four decades in intervening and curing diverse types of ear, nose, and throat disorders by delivering minimally invasive treatments. This rich handson experience of our ENT consultants makes our approach evidence-based, patientfriendly, and practically economical. Commerce was never a priority as investing in expensive technology to enhance results was always the focus. The core objective behind the starting of Jaipur ENT hospital was to make ENT diagnosis and treatment procedures simple, matchless, and cost-effective.

We pioneered the use of KTP-532 laser for ENT treatments in 2004 under the adept supervision of Dr. Rakesh Singh Meena

“Our sole purpose was to give the best successful outcomes, even in the most challenging situations, to our patients by using our highly evolved surgical skills with the most modern medical technology and the services of qualified and experienced ENT Consultants.”

- Dr. Rakesh Singh Meena

Our Mission

  • To Ensure accessibly quality health care by compassionate medical professional’s to all.
  • To be center of excellent for medical research and academic’s (In field of Ear Nose and Throat)
  • To Cultivate an environment of trust, honesty ,mutual aspects, equality and ethics.

Our Vision & Policy

  • Vision: To Evolve as a benchmark in quality health care available to one and all
  • Policy: To Provide value added innovated, consistent, and continuously improving health and medical Care to certain and further improve clinical out come’s , patient’s safety and patient’s satisfaction.

Patient’s Services at JAIPUR ENT HOSPITAL

It’s not without a reason why Jaipur ENT Hospital is known for. Our Exceptional patients care caring for our patients and visitor’s in our DNA. Jaipur ENT Hospital is center of Excellence tertiary ENT health care modal is built upon the foundation of providing quality health care to patients and a delightful patient’s care experience . Our experience service’s team work diligently “ 24*7 “ to ensure exceptional patient’s care . Our patient’s care services staff is optionally nurtured by way of adequate training , support and Encouragement to reach their potential and give their best day after day.

Diagnostic Center (JEH) – Diagnostic service’s facilities the provision of timely cost effective and high Quality diagnostic care in safe and secure environment.

JEH conduct’s routine laboratories and other test’s like – Blood , Urine , Stool ,Sputum , FNACs , Biopsy’s , Micro-biology ( culture And Sensitivity ), X-Ray’s , Ear-Nose-Throat Endoscopy , Hearing Test ( Audio-Metery , Tympanometry ), ECG And many more.

Diagnostic and Therapeutic Facility in Jaipur ENT Hospital

Our well-trained ENT specialists in Jaipur perform diverse diagnostic, surgical and therapeutic procedures for Ear Nose Throat Treatment in Jaipur.